The missing Revolutionaries and the Revolution

Saturday, 11:00 – 12:30 p.m.. In english language. With Maissara Saeed, umbaja e.V.

The Revolution is a continuous act, the migrants’ political activists and revolutionaries carry a heavy burden in Germany because the fact is: While they are responsible about changing the situation in their homeland, they are facing the toughness of the requirements of the integration in the German Society. Is there a contradiction between, from one hand, working hard politically to bring freedom, peace, and democracy to your homeland and, from the other hand, the working to integrate into the German society? What are difficulties that political activists are facing, whether they are German or migrants to Germany? How can we effectively organize and reorganize our political activism in a way that keeps the balance between Job, family and political engagement? How can we give the term unity and solidarity more practical existence? What experiences and lessons learned in this field?

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